You Know You’re a Millennial Yogi If…


 Millennial-yogi Like it or not, we’re a predictable generation. Millennials share as well as poke fun at the same memes. We binge on the same shows(” Birdbox “and also” You,” any person?). Obviously, we even have a color. Oh yes, millennial pink.

And when it comes to our physical fitness and also yoga practices, there are some precise global realities that join us. Because millennials as well as yoga fit like mac and also cheese.

Yes, we are millennial yogis. As well as sometimes, we simply obtained ta laugh a little at our collective selves.

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You Know for Certain That You’re a Millennial Yogi If You Can Relate to These 20 Things:

You understand what they claim: If you can not fight ’em, join ’em. In other words, accept your yogi millennial basic-ness.

See the number of these clichés call true for you:

1. You Did It for the Gram

You’ve traveled to an Instagram-ready area just for that legendary photo of you in a Warrior Pose.

2. Your Phone Is Zen

Your phone has an entire folder of applications committed to Zen-ing out.

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You Don’t Need Pants What are pants anyhow? If it isn’t form-hugging and also elastic … thanks, next.

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4. You’re Always Ready

You have at least 2 mats rolled up in the rear seat of your vehicle at any given time.

5. You Have a Favorite Day

The day your yogi membership box arrives is the very best day of the month.

6. You Multitask

You’ve viewed a Netflix episode from down on the floor covering, mid-flow.

7. You’ve Been Stuck in a YouTube Black Hole

You’ve caught on your own scrolling YouTube yogi make up longer than you ‘d such as to confess.

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8. You Search #YogaGoals

And logging hours crushing on yogi Instagrammers that are #goals.

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9. You Live Stream

You’ve live-streamed a training yoga sesh to your social networks a minimum of when.

10. Your Home Is All Yogi Feng Shui

Your residence decor choices are all influenced by your preferred yoga workshops. Salt lamps, crystals, and calming color combinations, anyone?

11. You Go on AcroYoga Dates

A yoga exercise class day is your desire day, truthfully.

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12. You Move From Studio to Street

Lululemons often function as a delighted hour clothing (just include boots and a leading!).

13. You Savor Sundays

Your optimal Sunday includes yoga exercise and a bottomless mimosa breakfast.

14. You Know Yoga > Cocktails

You’ve missed delighted hr before for warm yoga exercise class with buddies.

15. You Use Yogemojis

The yogi emojis are always and also permanently in your “just recently made use of” category.

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16. You Have/Want an Om

You currently have a yoga exercise tattoo or are at least seriously crushing on them.

17. You Vision Board Hip Retreats

Your vision board for this year consists of a yoga hideaway, preferably in Bali.

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Every one of your ideas and also most-recent orders on Amazon Prime are in some way yoga-related.

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19. You Ain’t Got No Baggage

When life obtains stressful, you allow that sh * t go. Since the most effective point yoga exercise has offered you is the ability to be Zen AF, regardless of what life hands you.

20. You Stream Yoga All Day Everyday

Can’t make it to the workshop? That won’t stop you! You practice online throughout the day ‘‘ errryday.

Millennials and also Yoga Are a Match Made in paradise

Exactly how did you fare? Are you a total millennial yogi?

At the end of the day, foreseeable though we may be, there are far worse things to be than a Zenned-out millennial yogi. Namaste, millennials!

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