Yoga Silk Eye Pillows

Yoga Silk Eye Pillows

Despite what some non-practitioners might think, yoga focuses on both the body and the mind at once. Often times causing whoever adopts yoga as a way of life, to become more concerned with their body’s well being. Of which gives you an edge in keeping sane within a stressful world. While you are able to de-stress without props or added help, it never hurts to have a helping hand when trying to keep yourself sane.

One of the most popular relaxing objects around these days is still the silk eye pillow. While they have been used for many years, they are now making a huge comeback in the world of yoga. While some are simply used to block out the light, others are lightly scented for aroma therapy. The aroma-therapy silk pillows are often times used as a holistic healing method. Offering you the ability to simply melt away the concerns of modern living with the calming and realigning nature of the silk eye pillow.

Whether they are treated with the sweet scent of chamomile or lavender, they are utilized to refresh your soul. However, some retailers offer them in a wider variety of aroma-therapy scents than simply lavender. Another of the most popular scents is peppermint to refresh your senses.

However if you are sensitive to aroma therapy you may wish to obtain a silk eye pillow that isn’t scented. All of which are available at holistic retailers such as this one. One thing that they all have in common is the way that they are made. While they can be found in several different refreshing colors, most of them are subdued to invite the sensuality of darkness.

All silk eye pillows can be found filled lightly with flax seed. Of which will help it to relax into the contours of your eyes; caressing your skin and allowing you to relieve stress. It isn’t used just for napping anymore. It can be used to help reduce your stress even during meditation. Especially since most people tend to meditate before the wee-hours of the night. Giving the much-needed darkness to truly clear your mind of every-day stressors.

Some people make the mistake in thinking that silk eye pillows are just for adults. Quite on the contrary! As there are many younger yoga practitioners, they can also benefit from silk eye pillows.