Yoga Not Helping Your Anxiety? This Doctor Explains Why Your Genes Might Be the Root Cause of Your Anxiety


< img size= "300" elevation=" 182 "src ="×182.jpg "course=" attachment-medium size-medium wp-post-image" alt= "reasons-for-anxiety" design =" float: right; margin:0 0 10px 10px; “/ > Many of you looked for out yoga to help lower stress and anxiety in your life. Problems such as Lyme Disease and hypothyroidism typically trigger anxiety. Stress and anxiety and genes are extremely fundamentally linked.

No! Actually, stress and anxiety and also genes are really intrinsically linked. What happens if I told you that your genes may be causing your anxiousness signs, as well as regardless of exactly how a lot you practice yoga, your symptoms

may still hang about? That’s appropriate – your anxiousness could have been passed down to you! Every brand-new person I collaborate with is asked to run a hereditary test to determine if – any one of their health symptoms are triggered by damaged, broken, or

altered genetics.

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;. Take a Look at These Two Case Examples That Prove the Link Between Anxiety as well as Genetics:

Both of these clients contacted me due to the fact that they were battling with stress and anxiety as well as anxiety. These people told me, “Dr. King, my life is excellent! I love my job/school. My domesticity is strong. Yet, I can not control my anxiety. It appears to come out of the blue!”

Regrettably, these 2 patients had actually been seeing psychiatrists who placed them on anti-depressants and also anti-anxiety medications which began causing extra symptoms. Both clients dumped the medicines as a result of the rise in signs as well as sought my aid.

Client # 1