This Country Is Baffled By Our Avocado Toast Obsession

Colombia is the third-largest manufacturer of avocados worldwide yet if you provide a regional with avocado toast , her response will likely be confusion.

Avocados are normally part of a daily diet plan in Colombia, however till just recently, they sanctuary’ t controlled the food as they have in the hipster coffee shops of the United States. Colombia produces Hass avocados to export to foreign markets and significantly so, with production increasing by more than 150 percent from 2010 to 2015 however hasn ’ t seen much of an avocado intake pattern.

Over the previous number of years, nevertheless, millennial-friendly avocado-themed dining establishments have actually started appearing in Colombia’ s capital, Bogota, serving meals like avocado toast, lattes in avocado skins and avocado pancakes.

Lisa Ramrez is a client at Azahar Coffee , a store located in Parque 93, a rich community to the north of the city, and she states she was surprised when she initially saw Azahar’ s menu.

“ When I initially saw the avocado toast with eggs, it was truly unusual. I saw an American consuming [the meal] and I resembled, ‘ What the fuck? ’ ” the 27-year-old informed HuffPost.

“ We generally utilize the avocado for lunch and we consume it just with salt. Possibly in some cases we can put it in ajiaco soup it ’ s a standard meal in Colombia. That ’ s all. For me, it ’ s actually weird that individuals now are beginning to consume it like in this method with toast, ” she stated.

Despite the preliminary shock, Ramrez stated she acknowledged the pattern was an advantage for Colombia and talked about how rapidly it had actually spread out.

“ Just a couple of years earlier, the avocado was simply another regular food. Now, great deals of [Colombian] individuals are publishing photos of avocado on Instagram.”

In Bogota ’ s more conventional south, individuals on the street had a combined response to the pattern. Andrea, a school instructor, stated: “ I wish to attempt it, however I believe it’ s a location where I would go simply as soon as. Avocado readies, however not for consuming every day.”

Another passerby, who didn’ t wish to be called, commented: “ It ’ s unusual since avocado is an actually typical food for us. It’ s truly typical. To see immigrants desire to go to a devoted location just foravocado … I ’ m not sure I comprehend the point. ”

Another popular brand-new avocado bar is Lavocaderia , which opened 3 months earlier in the city of Medellin. It still has a line, regularly around 20 individuals long, to obtain in. The clients are mainly young, stylish Colombians, most of whom are clutching mobile phones, plus some immigrants from Germany and the United States.

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“ What we desired was to adjust [the bar] to the Colombian pattern and take into consideration Colombian food,”states Lavocaderia owner Ximena Hoyos.

Lavocaderia remains in the El Poblado district of the city, understood for being the “ gringo ” part of town. Among Medellin ’ s most affluent communities, it’ s swarming with yoga centers and healthy food cycle. The district grew in the ’ 90s , when the elite got away the violence of the town hall, which had actually been raided by drug lords such as Pablo Escobar.

For Lavocaderia’ s owner Ximena Hoyos, 23, it was the best location to open the nation’ s initially avocado bar.

“ Our fundamental concept was, Colombia is the third-biggest world manufacturer of avocado and we didn’ t have an avocadera. The huge nations where they are not avocado manufacturers have avocaderas, so it was crucial to have it here in Colombia, ” Hoyos informed HuffPost.

Lavocaderia was motivated by the likewise called Avocaderia in Brooklyn, New York. According to Hoyos, her avocado bar isn’ t simply about serving up North American culture.

“ What we desired was to adjust [the bar] to the Colombian pattern and take into consideration Colombian food. Our meals are unusual here, due to the fact that, for instance, there are some plates that have waffles with guacamole. It’ s clearly various from the normal gastronomy of Colombia, ” Hoyos stated.

The menu at Lavocaderia includes foods like ice cream, shakes, hamburgers, pancakes and mixed drinks, all made with avocados.

“ People here value that you put in the time to bring a various idea to the city due to the fact that undoubtedly, they get tired of the normal food, ” Hoyos included.

Elsy Ramrez, 25, saw a waitress put a latte into the skin of an avocado. “ I wear ’ t reside in Medellin, however I believe [Lavocaderia] is a location for travelers and residents, ” she stated to HuffPost.

“ I understood you might make avocado ice cream, however I had actually never ever attempted it. The other kinds of food I truly hadn’ t idea of, a few of them are extremely weird. I believe the idea is absolutely worldwide food not Colombian, however I believe due to the fact that of development like this, more individuals are checking out, ” she continued.

Hoyos, Elsy Ramrez and Lisa Ramrez all discussed the impact of foreign culture on the “ hipster ” avocado pattern in Colombia. Lisa Ramrez stated she believed the increase of tourist and the end of the nation’ s civil war had actually initiated this cultural opening.

“ Imagine, when I was more youthful, I couldn’ t get an American sweet bar in the grocery store, ” she stated. “ It simply didn ’ t exist. Whether it was since of taxes or the dispute or both, it simply wasn’ t a thing. Now you have all the American brand names and affects coming in, and I believe individuals are still consumed with that, due to the fact that we understand exactly what it’ s like not to have that. ”

Both Lavocaderia and Azahar are positioned in rich communities and are popular with youths. Since the pattern just existed in middle-class neighborhoods, Lisa Ramrez stated this was.

“ All of the locations I have actually seen this design of avocado have actually remained in particular richer locations. It would be extremely difficult to develop this in locations with no immigrants, ” she stated. “ It ’ s clearly more a location for travelers, due to the fact that more conventional individuals or individuals from poorer locations would not pay the $13,000 [$ 4.60] or the $20,000 Colombian pesos [$ 7.10] for this meal. Avocado is more affordable to purchase on the street.”

Sounds like avocado toast’ s credibility for being a pricey millennial food has actually gone international.

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A variety of U.S.-style avocado meals are readily available at Colombia’s Lavocaderia.


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