The Yoga Sequence Every Woman Needs If She’s Going Through a Hormonal Imbalance

Join Maria Villella, E-RYT, LAc, and also co-owner of Elysia Life Care, for Yoga for Women’s Health, a 6-week online training course that will certainly dive right into the physiology of your reproductive cycle– from both the medical science as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine viewpoints– along with yoga exercise practices, acupressure meditations, meal strategies, and a lot more, tailored to the stages of your cycle, to help you feel your finest every day of the month. Years after a yoga injury influenced me to slow down as well as research study acupuncture, I currently aid females elude the dangerous cycle of persistent tension. In her on-line program, Maria dives right into the physiology of reproductive health and wellness as well as provides yoga exercise, acupressure, meal plans, and more to regulate your cycle and boost total wellness.

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