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Keep Your Zen Going All Day with a Guided Meditation for After Savasana

Go right into the remainder of your day sensation rejuvenated and also relaxed.Put on this led reflection by Sarah Ezrin after you finish your asana practice as well as you’re coming out of savasana to maintain the great energy emitting throughout the rest of your day. Original source: https://www.yogajournal.com/videos/meditation-for-after-savasana

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Enlightening home decor that lets you add zen flair to any room

Image: ZLATA IVLEVA You understand that sensation when you stroll into someone’s apartment or condo and the atmosphere simply feels …? As if all the components of deep space are working in best consistency, and simply remaining in that area seems like a sanctuary — like there’s a soothing existence on your side? That sensation is no mishap. It’s been ...

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14 Weird, But Totally Normal Things To Expect At Your First Yoga Class

So, you’re finally giving into your super zen friend’s pleas to come to a yoga class with her. I’m not going to lie to you your first time stepping into a yoga studio might be intimidating and full of hesitation (but I promise it gets better). But pretty soon, you might just find yourself taking shots of wheatgrass with that ...

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Yoga Meditations – Ridiculous Mistakes People Commit Within Yoga

Why Go on a ZenSpace Yoga & Meditation Retreat…

Although yoga meditation have been extremely popular the past few many years, there are still those who do not rely on its positive and verified effects. Skeptics would overlook studies and would deduce that because yoga meditation did not work for them individually, then yoga and its numerous constructive results must be the hoax of sorts. Some time before you ...

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