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I tell the Queer Eye guys everything: from politics to dresses, they have the answers

I think these guys can repair me, which is not something Ive idea about anybody from truth TELEVISION, ever S ummer of sport this might well be– World Cup to the left of you, Wimbledon to the right– however I’ll be truthful, I had not actually discovered. And I’ll be much more truthful, the day England played Panama and 99.9% ...

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Contemplating suicide, this Marine turned to yoga to save his life

(CNN)Marine Justin Blazejewski presents his yoga mat over a dock drifting along the banks of the Potomac River. It’s a warm weekday early morning inside the DC beltway, where he works and lives as a military professional. After a fast warmup, Blazejewski folds over himself, the top of his head resting on the creaky boards underneath him. The soles of ...

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Out of their minds: wild ideas at the Coachella of consciousness

The long read: An annual conference on consciousness in the Arizona desert takes an anything-goes approach to some seriously wacky theories Start with Noam Chomsky, Deepak Chopra and a robot that loves you nomatter what. Add aknighted British physicist, arenowned French neuroscientist and aprominent Australian philosopher/occasional blues singer. Toss in a bunch ofpsychologists, mathematicians, anaesthetists, artists, meditators, acomputer programmer or ...

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14 Weird, But Totally Normal Things To Expect At Your First Yoga Class

So, you’re finally giving into your super zen friend’s pleas to come to a yoga class with her. I’m not going to lie to you your first time stepping into a yoga studio might be intimidating and full of hesitation (but I promise it gets better). But pretty soon, you might just find yourself taking shots of wheatgrass with that ...

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Alternative Therapy: Yoga, the Best in Reduced Risk and Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a condition of abnormal blood pressure, blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist… which can lead to early onset of diabetes, cardiovascular disease. People who participated in yoga class regularly are likely to have a lower risk of metabolic syndrome development, a renowned study suggested. Yoga, the ancient technique for harmonized external and internal body well ...

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