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5 Easy Adjustments for Poses That Can Be Uncomfortable (or Impossible) for Women with Large Breasts

To wit: Poses that call for bringing your upper body to your legs or your arms close to your breast were designed for straight lines– not curves.So, exactly what’s a busty yogi to do? For many large-breasted females, Child’s Pose can be an inefficient back stretch since we are not able to obtain our upper bodies close to either our ...

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6 Yoga Poses To Soothe Your Belly Pain When You’re Feeling Bloated AF

I am a strong believer in treating yourself. Like, chocolate is bae, and TBH who am to say no to a little bite of heaven? But there are definitely times when you accidentally overdo it, and you’re left feeling bloated and sluggish AF. As easy as it is to leave your fly unzipped as you awkwardlystroke your tenderfood baby,there a ...

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