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Yoga for Women’s Health: Do You REALLY Have to Stop Inverting During Your Period?

Fact or fiction? We asked a yoga teacher and qualified acupuncturist concentrating on females’s wellness for her take.Some yogis are probably familiar with obtaining alternative direction if, as teachers say, they get on “girls’ holiday” or a “moon cycle.” Yet is it true that inversions such as Headstand, or also Downward-Facing Dog, shouldn’t be exercised throughout the menstruation? Below, Maria ...

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Yoga for Women’s Health: The Best Pose & Acupressure Point to Reduce Irritability During Your Period

Hint: When it pertains to a tiff, don’t rest as well as smolder. Obtain your body (as well as Qi) moving.It can be difficult to preserve equanimity when your hormones are hugely fluctuating, especially around menstrual cycle. Right here, yoga instructor trainer and accredited acupuncturist Maria Villella, that is leading YJ’s upcoming program on Yoga for Women’s Health, exposes what ...

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Yoga for Women’s Health: The Best Pose & Acupressure Point to Relieve Menstrual Cramps & PMS

If you do something, start with your hip flexors. One concept is that convulsions in the psoas are causing the discomfort and discomfort.Tired of sensation on side, suffering, or out of sync during your menstrual cycle? Handling PMS signs like remarkable mood swings, pains, or sleeping disorders? Aiming to conceive– or prevent pregnancy? Join Maria Villella, E-RYT, LAc, and co-owner ...

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