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14 Weird, But Totally Normal Things To Expect At Your First Yoga Class

So, you’re finally giving into your super zen friend’s pleas to come to a yoga class with her. I’m not going to lie to you your first time stepping into a yoga studio might be intimidating and full of hesitation (but I promise it gets better). But pretty soon, you might just find yourself taking shots of wheatgrass with that ...

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Meet Leela, The Weirdest Pit Bull In The World Who Acts So Strangely Even Vets Cant Explain It

Jokingly revealing doubts about the performance of her brain, Leela’ s owner, Imgur user xsoup4you provides her valuable pooch in a series of charming pictures that completely show her eccentric nature. From a few of the less-than-normal methods she opts to organize herself, it appears like Leela has actually been taking some yoga classes! Leela definitely appears to be a ...

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