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This is How One Yogi Doctor Used Ayurveda to Treat His Own Cancer

Krishna Dasan, the Ayurvedic specialist working on me, moves an oily satchel loaded with fresh cut leaves, garlic, and also lemon in lengthy strokes from my chest to my legs. I lie back on the vinyl chair, look out the window at the couple of trees in this metropolitan landscape, as well as silently incantation mantras. In addition to the ...

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Bet money on yourself with Proveit, the 1-vs-1 trivia app

Pick a classification, bet a couple of dollars and double your loan in 60 seconds if you’re smarter and quicker than your challenger. Proveit provides a fresh take on trivia and video game reveal apps by letting you lose or win money on fast 10-question, numerous option tests. Fed up with waiting to fight a million individuals on HQ for ...

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Cannabis tourism in California a womens wellness retreat with puff love

At the Ganja Goddess Getaway, yes, there are yoga classes and spiritual talks however the mom lode originates from the spliffs, edibles and pot-infused mocktails that help the recovery W earing a T-shirt with the motto “Mary Jane Smokewear”, a lady with long, grey pigtails crawled to me, providing a struck off a balloon bag pumped up with cannabis vapours. ...

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