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7 Restorative Yoga Poses To Cure Your Saturday Morning Hangover

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimizedby the aftermath of one too many tequila shots. There have honestly been times where I’ve literally composed a list of people I was going to call and say my goodbyes to because my hangover was just awful. Of all the strange remedies I’ve tried (pickle juice anyone?),yoga actually seems to be ...

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6 Yoga Poses That Will Open Your Heart To Love Again After A Rough Breakup

Broken hearts come in many forms, and the pain that comes along with lost love can feel unbearable at times. When these emotions surface, it can be tempting to try to protect yourself by hardening your heart to the world. In Sanskrit, your heart center is called the anhata chakra. Healing and balancing this chakra is the first step to ...

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Yoga Meditation for Silencing the Mind

Preparation Meditation || 5 Minute Practice

In “The Diary of Yoga Science because Mind-Body Medicine, ” Leonard Perlmutter compares the human mind to technology. Just as brand new software can make an old personal computer function more efficiently, meditation may change the state of the mind. Yogic Point of view According to Yogic philosophy, the actual physical body is a projection of the unconscious mind, where ...

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