Slow Flow: A Foot Massage to Boost Balance and Stability as You Age

Use Cyndi Lee’s practical self-massage to keep your feet mobile and also stable.Ready to relocate deeper right into vinyasa and construct a technique that supports you for decades ahead? Begin today with Slow Flow: Sustainable Vinyasa&Yoga forever, created by Cyndi Lee, popular yoga teacher as well as creator of OM Yoga. This six-week online course will certainly refine your strategy to vinyasa yoga with innovative asana sequences, vital alterations, dharma talks in mindfulness, and a lot more, so sustainability and also precision are top of mind every single time you move– currently and in well into the future. Learn even more and also authorize up today!Who doesn’t like a great foot massage therapy? This one not just feels great however is useful. As we age, equilibrium becomes a leading priority to prevent falls. As well as, as your body’s foundation, healthy and balanced feet are crucial to much better equilibrium. In this video, you’ll discover self-massage techniques to keep your feet mobile, solid, and flexible for better stability.

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