Slow Flow: 5 Tips for a Lifelong Wheel Pose Practice

Replace your push-and-collapse Wheel Pose with a lasting precision that will keep you practicing it for years to come.Ready to relocate deeper right into vinyasa and develop a practice that supports you for decades ahead? Start today with Slow Flow: Sustainable Vinyasa Yoga forever, made by Cyndi Lee, distinguished yoga educator and creator of OM Yoga. This six-week online course will certainly refine your approach to vinyasa yoga through innovative asana series, essential alterations, dharma talks in mindfulness, as well as far more, so sustainability and also precision are leading of mind every single time you stream– currently and in well right into the future. Learn even more as well as subscribe today!Backbends might appear like they’re made for young&, bendy bodies, yet in this video clip Cyndi Lee will certainly educate you how approaching

Wheel Pose with a brand-new type of precision can make it more sustainable. You’ll discover injury-preventing ideas on pelvic tilt, hand positioning, as well as coming right into as well as out of the pose. Once you’ve mastered all those, you can additionally try her next-level method for a lot more shoulder opening in the stance. Plenty below to keep us all busy practicing Wheel for a long while!

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