Shoko Asahara relatives argue over who gets ashes of executed Japan cult leader

Shoko Asaharas ashes being maintaineded at detention centre where he was hanged over lethal 1995 sarin gas attack

Aum Supreme Truth

A row is developing amongst the loved ones of Shoko Asahara, the previous leader of a Japanese end ofthe world cult who was carried out recently, over who ought to acquire his cremated remains.

Asahara’s ashes are being maintaineded at the Tokyo detention centre where he was hanged , together with 6 other previous members of the Aum Supreme Truth cult, for their function in a fatal sarin gas attack on the Tokyo train in 1995.

Concern is growing that previous members still faithful to Asahara might try to take the ashes and utilize them as motivation for retaliation versus his execution. The detention centre was under heavy security today while authorities chose the fate of the remains.

His 4th child has actually declared that her daddy, whose genuine name was Chizuo Matsumoto, informed detention centre guards prior to his death that she ought to seize his ashes.

The child, who has actually not been called by Japanese media, renounced Aum and is separated from her mom and brother or sisters.

Asahara’s other half and 3 of her other kids have actually sent a demand to the justice ministry that they be approved custody of his ashes. The household has actually contested the child’s claim, pointing out Asahara’s frame of mind prior to his execution.

His 3rd child, Rika Matsumoto, composed on her blog site that her daddy might not potentially have actually defined who must be provided his remains provided the bad state of his psychological health. She explained him as “a damaged guy” who was incapable of interacting.

Aum was prohibited after it was discovered to have actually performed the train attack, where 13 individuals passed away and 6,000 were made ill, along with an earlier attack in the city of Matsumoto that eliminated 8 individuals.

After the cult resurfaced in 2000 under a brand-new name, Aleph , its members insisted they had actually renounced violence and deserted Asahara’s mentors, and consented to pay payment to Aum’s victims.

Law enforcement authorities think, nevertheless, that some Aleph members continue to deify Asahara, drawing motivation from pictures and audio recordings of his voice.

The 4th child, who is 29, is among 6 kids– 2 kids and 4 children– whom Asahara had with his partner, a previous senior member of Aum who is now part of a splinter cult.

Last November, the child openly revealed she had actually deserted her faith in Aum and severed all ties to members of her household and smaller sized groups that had actually outgrown the initial cult.

Asahara established Aum in the mid-1980s, utilizing a strange mix of Buddhist and Hindu meditation, apocalyptic mentors and yoga to bring in young, frequently extremely informed individuals who had actually grown disillusioned with contemporary life.

The Nikkei paper stated in an editorial that Aum was still prominent and cults were trying to hire fans.

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