Practice Yoga for Insomnia

Practice Yoga for Insomnia

Most people look at yoga for its many benefits. But, very few people are able to list all the benefits of yoga. They might be able to list the physical improvements that can be gained such is increased limberness and flexibility. They can also mention the mental health benefits such as reduced stress levels. However, they often are unaware of many ancillary benefits that yoga is able to provide. Case in point, yoga can actually help you reverse problems associated with insomnia. Yes, you read that correctly – yoga can actually help you improve your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

How is this possible? There are a number of reasons why yoga has the potential to improve your ability to sleep. As previously mentioned, the ability for yoga to calm your mind and reduce stress levels would have a significant impact in terms of eliminating the inability to fall asleep. This really should not come as a surprise. When you are stressed out and dealing with a great deal of anxiety, it is not exactly easy to fall asleep. When you regularly perform yoga during the day, you can disperse and eliminate much of the stress that may be keeping you awake at night.

You can actually slip into a meditative state as you are lying in bed. You would not exactly be in a yoga stretching posture but you could mimic the breathing patterns associated with yoga. It is also possible to empty out the mind and calm down. This can eliminate much of the anxiety you deal with and allow you to doze off. Again, yoga greatly combats stress and when you reduce stress levels you boost your potential to get a reliable amount of sleep.

Physical pain can also reduce one’s ability to get a decent night’s rest. How can you doze off when you have to contend with serious aches and pains? Honestly, it is really difficult but if you are regularly performing yoga, you will find that the gentle stretching can help nullify a great many of those aches. That means you can enjoy a more blissful and peaceful night’s rest.

A rapid heart rate has a tendency to keep you a little revved well into the evening. There can be many reasons why your heart rate could be a little faster than normal. Often, it has to do with the physical activities you perform during the day. That said, when you take part in yoga exercises, you will discover that you can keep your respiration under control. By keeping your heart rate under control, you will discover that it is possible to fall asleep quicker and easier.

And yoga can allow you to remain asleep. The calmness and tranquility that yoga delivers can aid in helping you sleep because you will not have to suffer any disruptions thanks to the calmness yoga delivers.

Yes, yoga does have many extra benefits that most people are unaware of. The ability to reverse problems with insomnia is one of them. If you are currently experiencing trouble sleeping, yoga may prove to be helpful.

I’ve been practicing yoga for many years, and now that I’m teaching yoga too, I’m excited about sharing everything I’ve learned. Of course my own journey as a student continues. I trying to learn everything I can about human anatomy and trying to bring that knowledge into my practice and my teaching. I highly recommend that you do the same.