Manscaping goes high tech with this back hair shaver that’s on sale

A convenient gizmo to keep back hair at bay.

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We’ re not here to judge. Perhaps you and your buddies enjoy your hairy back. Possibly it’s a part of your character. Self love is essential.

But it’ s likewise cool if you choose to tame it. And if you’ ve chose that your hair has actually got to go, then the BaKblade Back Shaver will alter your life .

Check it out:

Unlike regular razors that are developed for legs and faces, the BaKblade has an ergonomic S-shaped manage to permit simple access to the particular shapes of the back, without needing unpleasant extending or unusual positions (after all, this is grooming, not yoga).

The blades are particularly developed to deal with back hair — which is less coarse than facial hair — permitting a lighter shave that uses less friction to your back. Include a PBR, and it’s like you’re in a hair salon in Brooklyn. When you’ re done, it withdraws, folds, and fits nicely amongst your other grooming devices.

The BaKblade generally runs a cool $29.95 however snag one while it’s on sale for simply $16.99.

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