Let the hang loose emoji be your defense against the existential dread of 2018

Image: michael nunez/mashable

It’s on Twitter, in business conferences, and in group talks with diverse groups of pals. Just recently, I’ve begun to see the hang loose hand sign, and its emoji — likewise called the “ call me hand ” emoji, much better acknowledged as the shaka indication — all over my physical and digital worlds.

In my daily, definitely-not-beach-adjacent interactions, the sign for “browse’s up” has actually begun to accompany messages about ordinary preparation, jokes, and more. In these cases, it mainly interacts a paradoxical stoner “heck yes,” or, a casual “fuck it.”

It’s not all laughs. Tossing up the shaka indication develops a pixel of range from the squashing effort that the world, recently, needs us matured to summon, in order to live in the middle of misery.

Fun times.

Image: screenshot: rachel kraus


Image: screenshot: rachel kraus


Hang loose is the sign made by folding down your middle 3 fingers, and turning your wrist side to side while your thumb and pinky stays at attention. It’s likewise this emoji, contributed to Unicode in 2016: