Importance of Yoga Sun Salutation Or Surya Namaskara

Importance of Yoga Sun Salutation Or Surya Namaskara

Yoga Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskara literally implies salute to the sun. It discovers its roots in praise of Surya, the sun god. This series of activities and positions can be practiced as a physical exercise or a full “sadhana” which includes exercise postures, breathing workouts, and extensive meditation. A full round of these poses (asanas) are completed with two sets of the twelve postures comprising of forward and backward stretch of the spine. The orthodox time preference for practicing this routine is sunrise when maximum advantages for the spirit and the body can be enjoyed.

The benefits of Surya Namaskara are many. It is the best exercise for achieving fitness. It consists of a heat up session along with the primary workout. In this present day and time, as every specific faces a time-crunch it is difficult to exercise regularly, but with just fifteen minutes of this yoga, optimum outcomes and unlimited benefits can be obtained.

These yogic asanas straight impact the endocrine system and the digestion system, balance any hormonal imbalances and give a fast shot of vigor to the body in a matter of minutes. This yoga is extremely suggested for obese people of all ages as they can accelerate their weight reduction and burn calories quickly with its assistance. Without causing any workout injury or tension to the bones and muscles, the shape of the body can be enhanced by conducting an arranged and orderly set of these asanas that alternately stretch the spine up and down. This activity will likewise boost overall versatility of the body. In about three month’s time and with dedicated practice of Surya Namaskara the suppleness and litheness of the body can be enhanced.

It is beneficial to perform yoga at dawn, in a well ventilated location; this will increase the level of oxygen in blood. This oxygen enriched blood will augment the store of energy in the body and make one feel active and energetic all through the day. Moving into each asana with alternate inhalation and exhalation, also enhances breathing ability. This part of the yoga regimen will help expand the chest walls, give higher lung ability and that in it’s self will address all the breathing problems. Once it is learnt how to manage breathing, stamina is built immediately.

Surya Namaskara is the most popular and renowned exercise as it tones and strengthens the body. Regular specialists of this regime enjoy a body that is healthy and full of vitality. These workouts shape and fortify the muscles and enhance the condition and performance of the internal organs. Physical fitness of the limbs and organs will build natural immunity and provide resistance to eliminate all kinds of conditions.

Yoga Sun Salutation holds equal benefits for the body and the mind. Its practice leads to a shapely and strong body encompassing a sharp and focused mind. Exercising the routine at dawn, with regulated breathing, boosts the state of mind too. This relief of anxiety and anxiety grants a clear and alert mind that can concentration and meditation which is the supreme path to creating complete consistency of the spirit and the body.