How to Honor the Roots of Yoga as a Western Yogi

We have a whole lot to gain from this ancient practice, yet we likewise run the risk of losing view of, and appropriating, the culture as well as practice yoga exercise comes from.


From self-realization facilities and asana apps to T-shirts featuring Ganesh or word play heres on namaste, the Western globe has lots of yoga exercise consumerism. We have a lot to obtain from this old technique, however we additionally risk shedding sight of, and appropriating, the culture and practice yoga originates from. Right here, 5 teachers, researchers, scholars, and also lobbyists consider in on modern-day yoga and also just how we could practice as well as teach with more integrity and also respect. The responses– and also even the inquiries– aren’t very easy or constantly uncomplicated, but as Honor (Don’t Appropriate) Yoga Summit designer Susanna Barkataki advises, lean in: “As you check out the tales that comply with, you may experience several emotions. You’ll hear different effective viewpoints from individuals with Indian heritage and the impacts these concerns carry their lives, households, society, technique, pasts, and also futures. Check out these stories with an open heart as well as mind. Your yoga exercise technique has actually prepared you for this by teaching you exactly how to hold stress, breathe, and afterwards break through. As you review, take note of your body, breath, as well as heart.” After that maintain reading for ideas on exactly how we can attend to these problems with each other.

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