An Interview With David Newman – The Power of Bhakti, Meditation, and Spiritual Awakening


David Newman David Newman is a world-traveling Bhakti yogi, artist, yoga and meditation educator, songwriter, book, and also dad author. With so numerous extraordinary titles, David is – certainly – a diverse and very versatile individual!

Understood throughout the world for his sincere, poetic, as well as soulful songwriting, his imaginative musicianship, his uncomplicated capacity to lead reflective kirtan as well as devotional track, and his powerful, transcendental writing, David is well-loved throughout the spiritual area.

As a writer, David has had the ability to record target markets with his genuineness as well as straightforward perspective regarding living an incorporated life and also aiming toward supreme awakening.

_ David-Newman-2 1. YA: You have such an abundant background in both songs and also yoga exercise. Can you inform us what brought you to both of these self-controls as well as exactly how they connect for you?

Later on in life, in law school in NYC, I became impassioned by yoga, and upon finishing, opened a yoga facility in Philadelphia. I presume you could claim that songs, yoga exercise, meditation, as well as spirituality have been adjoined as well as top priorities in my life for a long time.

2. YA: Can you tell us a bit regarding your music style and what inspires it?

David: I enjoy all type of songs. I normally are attracted to songwriting, and have actually constantly delighted in paying attention and also composing to wonderful songwriters, as well as valuing the craft itself. I additionally researched symphonic music and jazz in college.

In some methods, all of that gets in into my design. I don’t just share the methods … I exercise them.

My design is rather specified by a combining of the Western songwriter with the recovery power of Indian concepts.

Kirtan and also conscious music have expanded considerably because I began. Currently, I am on my means to the tenth wedding anniversary of Bhakti Fest, where thousands of participants pertain to dive deep into aware music and chanting.

In a great deal of ways, I’ve always considered my songs rather of a soundtrack for a spiritual life; as well as, there absolutely is a need for that in today’s world.

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<);. 4. YA: For those that don't know, could you briefly define what Bhakti Yoga is as well as what it entails? And, then, especially what it indicates to you?

David: Bhakti Yoga is the technique of unconditional love. All Bhakti practices focus on sustaining us to keep our hearts open, as well as choose generosity as well as concern.

Sometimes, it’s not so simple to obtain out of the head and right into the heart, which is why Bhakti practices like kirtan exist to assist us.

Bhakti, to me, is a consistent practice to see the excellent in myself and also others, as well as to see a greater function, or the hand of elegance, in every circumstance – – no issue just how challenging.

5. YA: How did you discover Bhakti Yoga? As well as exactly how has it affected your life?

David: When I initially opened my yoga exercise facility, 26 years earlier in 1992, I came to be mindful of an Indian saint named Neem Karoli Baba when a pal gifted me a copy of < a href=" "rel=" noopener "target="

_ blank “> Be Here Now by Ram Dass. Bhakti just keeps me near my heart. I immediately felt
a connection, and also came to be mindful of Neem Karoli Baba’s enthusiasts that were recording gorgeous kirtan albums that deeply motivated me … Jai Uttal, Krishna Das, Bhagavan Das, and also Shyam Das.

I got in touch with every one of them as well as welcomed them to share their gifts at my facility. And also, eventually, they all came. From there, the connection to the Bhakti lineage has grown, as well as it remains to now. Bhakti merely maintains me near my heart.

6. YA: How would certainly you suggest others begin a Bhakti Yoga method?

David: The most universal means is to practice what I call “living Bhakti:” to be kind, open hearted, caring, and to do so when it’s most challenging. That’s exactly how we grow!

Vocal singing kirtan is to Bhakti what practicing asana is to Hatha Yoga: a fundamental, responsive, satisfying, and friendly method. Nowadays, there are local kirtan teams throughout the globe, and also finding a neighborhood to chant with is a fantastic primary step.

From there, incantation, chant, incantation – – while you drive, clean the dishes, wherever … maintain the vibration of the concept going as a lot as feasible. Good ideas will certainly happen!


Jai Uttal 7. YA: You speak a great deal concerning listening to your inner voice, a return to virtue, remembering the love that we all are, as well as awakening in your writing and also your music. Could you expand on these concepts even more as well as how you assume we can tune in with them to accomplish these aspirations?

David: I believe (and also experience) that most of us have an authentic internal voice that guides our every step for the greatest excellent. To hear it, you need to find possibilities to be still and peaceful.

Find a method that promotes a sense of your very own lack. When “you” in the limited sense liquifies in deep peaceful minutes, a higher, much deeper voice arises., you talk about a search for life’s definition, locating higher purpose, as well as your own personal awakening.

Actually, we are specified by something much deeper, though we have to discover that for ourselves. It’s not something we can believe via or discover there. It’s a subtractive process of allowing go of the understood to create space for a better recognizing, a higher reality.

For this awakening to happen, we require devices to assist us get out of the means, as well as yoga exercise, songs, and also meditation are some of the most enjoyable and effective ways that I have located to accomplish this.