6 Steps to Master Parivrtta Trikonasana

Increase the circulation in your reduced spinal column, abdomen, as well as pelvic area, boost balance, as well as develop security.


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Parivrtta = Revolved · Trikona = Triangle · Asana = Pose


Rises blood circulation in your reduced spine, abdominal area, as well as pelvic area; boosts equilibrium; instructs you to turn your spine while preserving stability in your torso and also legs


1. Stand in Tadasana(Mountain Pose) at the facility of your floor covering, facing the long edge. Take a deep breathing, and also leap your legs regarding 3 feet apart; make the outdoors edges of your feet alongside the outer sides of your floor covering. As you jump, bring your arms according to your shoulders. Expand your arms out from the facility of your upper body by getting to via your fingertips, hands facing down. This is called Utthita Hasta Padasana( Extended Hands and Feet Pose).2.

Transform your left foot inward regarding 60 levels, and turn your best foot external 90 levels. Internally revolve your whole left leg till your upper body and left hip deal with the. Without disturbing this position, stabilize on your own by pushing down into your ideal big-toe pile as well as inner heel and also your left external heel. Prepare with your upper leg muscles, and also firm your external hips towards each other. Keep your legs straight and your kneecaps lifted.3.

Keep stability in your legs, as well as with an exhalation, turn your hips, head, upper body, and also abdomen to the right to make sure that your left arm expands over your appropriate leg. Put
your left fingers down on the flooring (to the beyond your right lower leg) as you extend your best arm up.4.

Expand via your arms, and also imagine your ribs following your arms like a river: Your best ribs transform up, following your right arm. Your left ribs turn downward, following your left arm. Expand the sides of your torso towards your head. Keep both sides of your upper body parallel and according to your appropriate leg.5.

On an inhalation, broaden your upper body, and press your left arm right into your external right calf bone. On an exhalation, put your left shoulder blade into your back, and also relocate your back-left ribs deeper internal as you rotate your upper body further to the right.6.

Remain in this position for 10– 20 secs, breathing generally. Inhale, as well as press into your left heel, raising your left hand as well as revolving your upper body back to Utthita Hasta Padasana. Repeat on the other side.Avoid These

Common Mistakes

buddhist meditation

Don’t enable your go to transcend your front leg because you will certainly shed the
axis of turning, which might result in strain in your back and make it more challenging to maintain your equilibrium.


Don’t turn your front hip outward, as this takes the head of your femur away from its outlet and could result in instability in your hips or strain your internal groins.

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